Inktober day 31 – Lila Skellington

Tonight’s final inktober drawing is my own creation, the daughter of Jack and Sally from Nightmare before Christmas.

Inktober Day 27

I’ve missed nearly a week for various reasons, but I managed one tonight. The prompt is for a Cook/Baker Witch, so I¬†wondered what would happen if the witches from MacBeth were in the modern world. Would they maybe have their own cooking show on Food Network?

Inktober Day 21

Inktober Day 21: Inktasy challenge, Dragoon. I initially read Dragon, so I drew a dragoon on a dragon. I also rolled Earth Element and Horns.

Inktober Day 19

Inktober Inktasy Challenge, Day 19 – Elf with an Air Element, hence the elf is on a hawk.

Inktober Day 17

Today’s Inktober Inktasy drawing challenge is a Valkyrie, which I’m super proud of.

Inktober Day 16

Inktober Day 16 is a dwarf =)

Inktober Day 15

Today’s Inktober is inspired by the 31Witches prompt, which is a Royal Witch, so I tried to create an evil queen from fairytales.

Inktober Day 13

Todays Inktasy challenge was a Gypsy and I rolled the element of fire. I didn’t have a lot of time, so I had to rush it a bit, but I think it turned out a bit better than the ones I agonize over.

Inktober Day 11

Back into Inktober after Hurricane Matthew, hopefully I’ll catch up at some point. So, Day 11 – Alchemist and I rolled the element “light” and decided to go with a steampunky victorian feel.

Inktober Day 4

Azalea Flower Fairy for Inktober day 4