Inktober Day 17

Valkyrie in a night sky

Inktober Day 17 – Inktasy Challenge – Valkyrie

Today’s Inktober Inktasy drawing challenge is a Valkyrie, which I’m super proud of. I’m surprised to see such an improvement in just a couple of weeks, but it really helps to compare how others tackle the same projects. The challenge is really pushing me to try more facial expressions, action poses, and foreshortening. This is the second day that I’ve used a blue color pencil for the initial sketch, which seems to really help with the inking.

She’s more disney than I wanted her to be, but I really liked her face and didn’t have the heart to make it harsher. Maybe the digital version will be different. Also, it’s really hard to get google to give you a result for authentic Viking armor. I tried to avoid the stereotypical winged helmet, but I’m sure my Viking Archaeology friends will have some opinions!

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