10 Sexy Vintage Costumes

It’s the season of “Sexy ___” Halloween costumes! Nurses, maids, cats, devils – you name it, there’s a costume showing varying degrees of leg and breast. So here are some sexy vintage costumes from back in Grandma’s day. Yeah, just spoiled the mental image, didn’t I? Keep reading, it gets worse! (Or better if you like vintage art like I do.)

Fox-y Lady

This vintage costume doesn’t seem all that exciting, unless you consider the modern equivalent. Fox Vintage Costume

She’s a Knock-Out

I’m sure we’ve all seen girls skimpily dressed as sexy baseball or football players, ’cause ya know, kneesocks and short-shorts, nuff said. How about a boxer though? Probably not.

Sexy Sporty Vintage Costume

Sexy Irish Maid

Tried and true, there’s always a big selection of Sexy Irish Girl costumes, right next to the Sexy German Barmaid. I’ve never seen one worn in public though.

Irish Girl Vintage Costume

Two OK Cupids

These two Cupid costumes are pretty risqué, even considering that the nude areas are just skin-colored material. And it’s funny that the artist made the material more obvious on the guy than the girl, like he’s saying “Hey guys, don’t worry, the dude isn’t half naked…”. Even the modern version is goofier for guys than it is for girls.
Cupid Sexy Vintage Costumes

Fairy Princess

Another instance of nude material, hopefully. It’s a pretty fairy princess with what looks like her boobs hanging out.
Fairy Princess Sexy Vintage Costumes

Sexy Devil

Complete with horns and fiery wings.

Lady Devil Sexy Vintage Costumes

Sexy…newspaper? Herald?

For if you just can’t think of anything and happen to have some old newspapers kicking around. Yeah, this costume has probably gone the way of the dodo thanks to the internet, but you can get pretty close.

Press Vintage Costume


Yeah, you know what’s NOT sexy? Fish. We’re going to call this one a mermaid, but it’d be better if she were getting swallowed by Jaws.

Sexy Fish Vintage Costume

Smokin’ Hot

We’re used to seeing sexy male firemen, but it’s an equal-opportunity world out there. So long as the female in question can actually swing that axe she has in her hand.

Firewoman Sexy Vintage Costume

Black Cat

And speaking of equal opportunities, here’s a – OMG, what’s he doing to that rock?!
Black Panther Vintage Costume

These costumes are actually drawings of theater costumes and are all found courtesy of the New York Public Library’s Digital Collection, which is absolutely fantastic.

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