13 Circles Horse Logo

The twitter logo is designed using 13 circles, and Dorota Pankowska has done some amazing designs for other animals using the same 13 circle idea. I felt challenged to do my own, so here it is: a pony!

horse design using 13 circles

Candy Minimal photos

The county fair came to town recently, around the same time I finally discovered Candy Minimal on Instagram, so I thought I’d give it a go. I’m really pleased with how some of them turned out, although they may not truly be minimal. I love the colors though. My big disappointment was I didn’t take my camera, so they were all shot on the iPhone.

Bewitched Madmen Mashup

Bewitched MadMen Mashup

My friend Tom and I had a conversation about Bewitched where we discussed how Darren was an ad man, which lead us to wonder how a 60s sitcom of MadMen would look.

Inktober day 31 – Lila Skellington

lila skellington

Tonight’s final inktober drawing is my own creation, the daughter of Jack and Sally from Nightmare before Christmas. She was a lot of fun to draw, and I tried a few different versions of her before I settled on the one I liked the best.

So this was my very first Inktober, and I’m happy that I tried it this year. I only managed 18 this time, for various reasons, but it’s so much more than I usually do in a month. There are some nice ideas in these that I plan to pursue, which I’m very happy about.

10 Sexy Vintage Costumes

It’s the season of “Sexy ___” Halloween costumes! Nurses, maids, cats, devils – you name it, there’s a costume showing varying degrees of leg and breast. So here are some sexy vintage costumes from back in Grandma’s day. Yeah, just spoiled the mental image, didn’t I? Keep reading, it gets worse! (Or better if you like vintage art like I do.)

Fox-y Lady

This vintage costume doesn’t seem all that exciting, unless you consider the modern equivalent. Fox Vintage Costume (more…)

Inktober Day 27

modern kitchen witch

I’ve missed nearly a week for various reasons, but I managed one tonight. The prompt is for a Cook/Baker Witch, so I wondered what would happen if the witches from MacBeth were in the modern world. Would they maybe have their own cooking show on Food Network?

Inktober Day 21

dragoon on a dragon

Inktober Day 21: Inktasy challenge, Dragoon. I initially read Dragon, so I drew a dragoon on a dragon. I also rolled Earth Element and Horns.

Inktober Day 19

Inktober Elf Archer

Inktober Inktasy Challenge, Day 19 – Elf with an Air Element, hence the elf is on a hawk.

Inktober Day 17

Valkyrie in a night sky

Inktober Day 17 – Inktasy Challenge – Valkyrie

Today’s Inktober Inktasy drawing challenge is a Valkyrie, which I’m super proud of. I’m surprised to see such an improvement in just a couple of weeks, but it really helps to compare how others tackle the same projects. The challenge is really pushing me to try more facial expressions, action poses, and foreshortening. This is the second day that I’ve used a blue color pencil for the initial sketch, which seems to really help with the inking.

She’s more disney than I wanted her to be, but I really liked her face and didn’t have the heart to make it harsher. Maybe the digital version will be different. Also, it’s really hard to get google to give you a result for authentic Viking armor. I tried to avoid the stereotypical winged helmet, but I’m sure my Viking Archaeology friends will have some opinions!

Inktober Day 16

Female Dwarf

Inktober Day 16 is a dwarf =)